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Udhiyyah: This is also known as Qurbani or sacrifice. It is Wajib upon all mature Muslims who, on the day of `Eid al-Azha, possess Nisab. Whoever qualifies for this is required to purchase a sheep or goat of more than one year in age, and slaughter that in the name of Allah after the `Eid prayer preferably on the same day. The sacrifice can also be done on the two days after Eid. If one fails to make the sacrifice in these three days he will still have to donate the value of the animal (this remains Wajib).

Online Udhiya Service

Are you in search of Online Qurbani services? Qurbani is offered on 10th, 11th and 12th of  Dhul Hijjah, Muslims around the globe sacrifice an animal like a goat, sheep or camel – to practice the Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, for Allah. 

Our Online Qurbani service

We provide sheep’s slaughter service very transparently. We know its significance, its need and its process. We follow all the sunnah processes in procuring the animals and doing the qurbani as per sunnah. 

Please also confirm how you would like your meat. Chops will come as chops always unless your instructions say otherwise. The legs and shoulders can be diced (on or off the bone), steaked, halved, sliced or left whole. Anything left over we will dice on the bone and pack it separately for curry or stock.

Please Note: If we do not receive any cutting instructions from you then we will process the whole lamb as diced on bone (curry pieces) as is usual in our communities.

We offer Qurbani for the people with limited resources and time, Qurbani Services initiated with a vision to ease logistics/distribution problems of developed Cities.  Our team works under the guidance of Islamic principles and  we ensure that all the process is carried out strictly according to Shariah. We not only deliver the meat by hand. We also have the facility to make sure that the meat reaches to poor or needy people on your behalf. Apart from that, the skin of the animal is sold and the amount is donated to various Madrasas or poor families as per your instructions. 

Why did we choose us?

  1. We offer the service with complete transparency, photo & video of live animal can be share  
  2. We procure the animals which are in accordance with shariah.
  3. We deliver the meat to your doorstep 
  4. We also have option of delivering the meat to poor & needy people in city 
  5. Skins will be not used for profits, but instead the skins will be donated to needy or islamic education institutions (madrasas) 

From the meat he may eat himself and feed his family and also distribute meat amongst the poor Muslims.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha (Qurbani) is performed by us on behalf of you and it is nicely packed into 3  shares delivered to you including all parts,


Notes: 1. Head & legs will be delivered without burning & cutting.

            2 .When placing an order  please add in the notes section the name  and the father’s name, i.e. Ali bin Muhammad or Aisha bint Muhammad.

            3. Please select payment option by direct account transfer( Account details are given), Cash on delivery orders will not be proceed.

            4. Delivery will be given to mujtaba helping foundation click here https://www.mhfglobal.com 




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